The mouths of babes

Senior grandson grows - a philosopher (six and a half years). Not because of his (albeit, so, too). Junior also gives Pearl. But they have somewhat different properties. Well, for kids it is usual - soak the number to adult eyes on the forehead climbed. Who dealt - he knows.
And will Jan surgery. We decided to remove the adenoids. Unpleasant, of course, seems to be no supporter of surgical intervention, but - it is necessary.


Mom explains prepares, so to speak. Says that it should be done, explains why. Details of where all sorts. Ukolchik do. Then out of the spout would get something. Well, something like this. He listened. He sighed. Agreed.
During the operation, he acted courageously. However, once he said: "I beg you, just without the alcohol!" Is he a little quirk. And not a groan. No tears. Only his eyes opened when he became after the injection to remove it, because of what all the fuss was held.
They brought to the House. Silent. Mom worried. "Ian, do you?" Finally, spoke. It turns out that in the pre-preparation, he missed the point that from it will be something to cut. Just about I took a shot.
-But So necessary, Jan
Mum, how could it be needed? After all, it was a part of me? As I am now going to live without her?
-Yang It bother you. You're sick. You had a hard time breathing.
Yes, it is time I had, for some reason, it was necessary?
And nothing to argue.


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