Photo Irina Shayk

Irina, Cristiano and their mutual friends at a restaurant Mari Vanna (Marya) in New York:

Trying to imitation of a Russian style counted. For a complete happiness lacks only the carpet and into the trash drunken men, singing "Oh, God, what a man, I want you son ...».

On the threshold of «Ideal Model Management» Irina photographed with the owner of the agency Celine:

Irina and her newborn son close friend:

«La Clover» - the best underwear. Thank you for your gift!

Another surprise from «Beach Bunny Swimwear». Thank you!

Irina on the set:

No comment. LOL

After a hard day's work ...

At a dinner party with a hockey player Evgeni Malkin:

Funny dinner with a very interesting men!

Meanwhile, Irina completes repairs in her New York apartment:

A small locker for my shoes.

Collection of handbags has not yet found a place, but it is waiting in the wings:

Irina, her agent Ali and others in the restaurant «Nobu»:

The best place where I could be at 11pm.


Do not know what to write. Already hungry.

Best dinner - Russian dinner! Thank you Inge Rubinstein ...

... And Ali!

One of the works gifted fan:

Twitter Irina Shayk:


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