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Want to fly to Mars in 30 seconds?

If so, what is remarkable, because the concert, which is charged with Jared, Shannon and Tomo, this is possible. "30 Seconds To Mars» in Moscow again and again a huge hype around them. Tickets «Maxidrom» sold out, and "Evening Urgant" occupied younger fans Summer. Here are just a small report from the scene:

Man holiday Jared Leto and Mr. I-serious-man Vanya Urgant:

Shannon Domodedovo - MARS in Moscow!

"30 STM» on Radio MAXIMUM:

The performance itself went like clockwork. To quote one of the lucky, got to the concert: "1, 5 hours played. It was something !!! »

A little later, the boys walked through the Red Square (well, as a walk, so ... walked into a continuous turmoil) with the flag of Russia and dozens of accompanying:

And where were you in 2004?

All that we need - it is faith.

Group at a rehearsal in Berlin:

Which song from the new album «LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS» you want to hear live?

Me and my pendant ORBIS in Berlin. Kisses and hugs.

Look into my eyes ...

In the new issue of «MR PORTER» Jared openly talked about his dark past, when he and his brother together "hooked on the needle»:

When I was in the late teen years, I moved to Washington. I went to art college, and it was a time when the crack epidemic swept the east coast. There were days when you sit with a group of other people, and the needle is passed around the circle. Many of those people are no more. Frankly, had two options, what I was going to be then: the first - the artist, the second - a drug dealer. The same can probably be said about Shannon. But I could change, I went back to college. I guess I'm surrounded himself with the amount of creativity that we were surrounded by a child, and it really has become my salvation.

Since my brother was different. Drug use has increased. He had his own demons. He's lucky he's alive. The craziest thing is that if it were not for him, I would not dare to continue to do what I really love - music. In a sense, my dreams - that of his dreams, and now, after all that we've been through, we fulfill this dream together.

The July issue of «CONTRIBUTOR»:

After the concerts, "30 STM» try a good rest on their inflatable beds, which always carry with them:

Another photo of the ear, donated by a fan:

Are you listening?

It turns out in America can act even in the church ...

Me and Shannon helicopter! :)

Justin # shikarnayadevchonka

Beautiful and dangerous girl with spears.

Heading on MTV. Beware! :)))

I + my coach kung fu Tim Z.

Twitter Jared Leto:


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