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The entire career of 30-year-old American Jared Padalecki is somehow connected with the horrors. In 2005, he starred in two films of this genre called "Cry Wolf" and "House of Wax" in the same year won the role in the TV series "Supernatural", where the key is the story of paranormal phenomena, and in 2009 starred in film "Friday the 13th", which for him relentlessly chased freak in the mask. Jared started with supporting roles, so the "Supernatural" could be considered his lucky ticket, which the actor shared with a colleague on the sets of Jensen Eccles and that led him to fit a couple of horror. Now Padalecki nemerenoe number of fans, but his heart was only one - the actress Genevieve Cortese, who last spring gave Jared son Thomas. Fans, of course, can dream about this nice man, but I do not think they have a chance.

New full length movies with Jared, alas, it is not planned, but the eighth season of "Supernatural" is in full swing. Here I think, can start watching this serialchik presence there Eccles Padalecki and it is very captivating ...

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