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In the coming Sunday in New York will host one of the main events of the music world - presentation of "Moon men" at the main ceremony of the American television channel MTV. This year's lineup of stars show looks more than impressive - Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, who will give a special award named after Michael Jackson is rumored to be reunited on stage with the band 'NSync. I offer you a selection of other memorable events of the ceremony for its almost thirty-year history.

24. Eminem VMA stormed an army Slim Shady in 2000.

For his performance of the song «The Real Slim Shady» rapper from Detroit came to Radio City Music Hall with hordes of their counterparts.

21. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fight over Pamela Anderson in 2007.

Most legendary love triangle in the history of the ceremony. Kid Rock gave vent aggression kopivsheysya it for years and hit his longtime rival for the heart of Pam. After Tommy told the right and left, that Kid hits like a girl.

20. Lil Mama interrupts Jay-Z in 2009

At the end of the joint execution of Jay Z «Empire State of Mind» with Alicia Keys, his lesser-known peers jumped up from his seat, went up to the stage (it tried to stop Beyonce) and just start nodding to the beat of the music. Jay Z was dissatisfied, but continued the presentation. And after the song Lil Mama remained at the scene and also began to pose together with Jay and Alicia.

19. Fall Out Boy lead on the red carpet monkey in 2006.

What else to add.

18. Joint Interview Courtney Love and Madonna in 1995.

Drunk Courtney Love throwing things out of her purse seeking an invitation to interview Madonna, received the award in the evening.

17. Beyonce announces pregnancy in 2011.

The world first learned that the diva is going to become a mother when she stroked her belly in the end of the performance «Love on top».

16. Return of the group Guns n 'roses, disappointed fans in 2002.

Fans were waiting for the return of their pets for 15 years did not appreciate the stale and shabby Axl Rose, who brought to the stage pathetic replacement of the original composition of the group for the first appearances on television.

14. Eminem arguing with Moby in 2002.

13. Eminem swears triumph in 2002.

That night, my nerves were on edge Ema. Another conflict he has with permanent character of the ceremony - a sarcastic dog named Triumph, which was usually tasked jiving stars. Triumph decided to discuss the situation with the rapper, which you read higher than that brought him out of himself.

11. Michael Jackson thinks he handed the award for "Artist of the Millennium" in 2005.

Britney Spears just wanted to give pop king cake for his birthday, but caught Michael thought he handed the award non-existent, because Britney said before inviting him to the stage that "Michael - the best artist of the millennium." Therefore, Jackson felt it necessary to make a speech of thanks. Level misfortunes rolls.

10. Van Halen reunited ... and again break up in 1996.

When four of the original members of the group Van Halen appeared together on stage, their fans could not believe in a miracle. But alas, after the first altercation backstage David Lee Roth left the band again.

9. bassist Rage Against the Machine rages in 2000.

After the award in the category "Best Rock Video" left the group Limp Bizkit, and not his team, Tim Commerford directly during their acceptance speech climbed the scenery and refused to climb down from there. Later, he had to be arrested.

8. Madonna opens the first VMA ceremony in 1984.

The singer appeared on stage in a wedding dress, asked the bar for all future artists, who had the honor to speak at the beginning of the show.

7. Unsuccessful Britney comeback in 2007.

Opening the ceremony exhausted-looking Britney lose shape, barely pulled performance of the song «Gimme More", of course, to the soundtrack. Then ascended the stage comedienne Sarah Silverman added the overall picture of his joke: "She is 25 years old, and she has already achieved everything he could achieve in his life".

6. Bassist "Nirvana" knock himself his own guitar in 1997.

At the end of execution of "Lithium" Krist Novoselic throws up a bass guitar in the air, but gently catch it he does not go.

3. Lady Gaga's meat dress in 2010.

The singer appeared on the red carpet ceremony at the provocative of his crazy outfits made of raw meat. In particular, it was the steaks from the flank.

1. Kanye vs. Taylor in 2009.

Even four years later, we still can not forget that moment. The phrase "I'll let you finish, but ..." has become one of the most popular Internet memes. After this incident, Kanye, who at some time has become the most hated man in America, in all apologized and regretted what he had done, they reconciled with Taylor and even began to embrace at the meeting. However, in his recent concerts, he said that it is still of the opinion that that victory Taylor was unfair and asked the wrong example to the young generation.


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