The most ingenious invention

Most notions laughably mundane and practical, they are aimed at improving the comfort of everyday life or simply to become more beautiful.

Simple device will save your ears burn when styling hair with hot tongs

Board on which the paper is held by force of static electricity - there are no buttons or pins

Magnetic lid switch

Simple, but, nevertheless, an innovative idea - the magnet is strong enough. to keep a bunch of keys, a pen with a metal housing, and even a hammer.

Door transforms into a ping-pong table

Thanks to this ingenious idea, ping-pong lovers can get a table for this game despite the modest living space.

5. Camping Tent with solar panels

During the day enjoy the sun and in the evening - you can read in his tent.

Knives made of stainless steel, folding into a single panel


Everything you write a pen on paper, immediately displayed on the screen of your electronic device.

Small-small-less. Each member of the family - the size of the door!

Flower pots.
Such a pot is a very important advantage - it is not exactly fall on the head of a passerby.

Pencil, which is able to draw in the air

From pencil extruded special plastic which solidify, any three-dimensional form lines and shapes.

"Dough" Sugru

This substance takes any shape - like plasticine. Then it dries and hardens pesters, if desired, to any surface. With such a test can be done to handle the pan or patch torn sneakers.

Hot knife cold butter

The hot knife through butter passes easily from the refrigerator and sandwiches in the morning will leave much less time.

The container for lovers of snacks at an inopportune time

This invention will help you unlearn the bad habit of snacking - it does not open until suitable preset time.

Mask to control dreams

In the inside of the mask integrated LEDs. They light up in a certain order, and create the sight of a man certain light patterns. You do not sink into a deep sleep and get the opportunity to manage their own dreams.

Lingerie, absorbing odors

These shorts have a very thin activated carbon filter so that you do not threaten to spoil the air in the most inopportune moment.



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