Russian woman and world directors

The distinguishing feature film, which featured heroine from Russia - love ends with a wedding. And no matter who is chosen: a bachelor of Britain or hang from France. And of course, the relationship now and then interwoven with bureaucratic procedures: Visit the passport, visa and citizenship. The plot is largely dependent on age. By the way, the role of the Russians always gets battered and fascinating actresses. Here are some examples that are useful for historical analysis.

"Nina", 1939, the US

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch

In Paris restaurant Comrade Ninotchka orders raw beets, compliments Count Leon D'Algu on his white pupils and healthy cornea, and the prices of shops capitalist measures livestock that can feed the Soviet people. The newspapers reported that grow into the image of die-hard party worker Greta Garbo helped lack of makeup. However, even in her gloomy face unpainted Count Leon saw the simplicity and sincerity. And, of course, lost his head. "Ninotchka" - favorite role Greta Garbo. In 1940, the picture nominated in four categories at the "Oscar", but all the awards went to one hundred percent of the American film "Gone with the Wind».


"From Russia with Love", 1963, USA, directed by Terence Young; "The Spy Who Loved Me", 1977, USA, directed by Lewis Gilbert

For a long time one of the few Soviet institutions who have dealt with foreigners, was the KGB. James Bond as a member of the British intelligence are often faced with his agent on duty. Sometimes these meetings were fine - as, for example, with the beautiful Tatiana Romanova ("From Russia with Love"), played by the Vice-Miss Universe 1960 - italyankaDaniela Bianchi. The second Russian spy in the life of Bond, Anya Amasovu in "The Spy Who Loved Me", played the wife of Ringo Starr Barbara Bach. After the fall of the Iron Curtain topic KGB lost relevance, and our women - no. In 2008, "Quantum of Solace" has become a partner Bond Olga Kurylenko. And now there are negotiations about the next shooting go with the former Russian gymnast Margarita Leviev.

"The Girl from Petrovka", 1974, the US

Directed by Robert Ellis Miller

In "The Girl from Petrovka" Goldie Hawn played a dissident named Oktiabrina. Anti-Soviet views stated in the first scene where the heroine hones ballet pas on the background of burning lamps in the Russian Orthodox Church, and one-spiv Kostya (Anthony Hopkins) shake out of suitcases jeans and other imported items. The same Kostya introduces her to an American journalist Joe, with whom she falls head over heels. What female heart can stand against cigarettes dollars and donated hats with big fields ?! But the happiness was short-lived. KGB never forgave compatriot meetings with American upekli her in jail.

"Russian Front", 1990, the US

Directed by Fred Schepisi

Chase, shooting and spy secrets - just nothing compared to true love. Katya Woman with two children and an old uncle Matthew played Michelle Pfeiffer, abandoning the other surveys. "If you were my former role of the continuation, the" Kate "is not common with my character, - says the actress. - I learned that Russian more passive and vulnerable than we are. And they run the risk of children, freedom and life. This experience is very sobering. " In the film "Russian department" Kate stands in line for shoes in GUM, goes to work in the editorial office in the packed trolley. Other compatriots it is characterized by high idea through Barley Blair (Sean Connery), she tries to get to the West an important manuscript of the Soviet scientist, and this causes an increased interest in the environment espionage.

"Birthday Girl" in 2001, the US

Directed by Jez Butterworth

Lonely bank employee visits the site of marriage agency "From Russia with Love" and writes itself to England Nadia (Nicole Kidman). John realizes the stupidity of the offense on the way home from the airport - in English bride speaks endlessly smokes cigarettes, and the mystery of the Slavic soul enters it into a stupor. The girl did not even ask to stop the car when it swayed. House of the bride gives him an engagement ring and almost by force to join with him in an intimate relationship. Nadia - just beautiful, but her divine image down to earth and arrows daubed pink gum in her hair. In the end, it turns out that she was an accomplice gang, robbing foreign suitors. Ready to shoot, Nicole Kidman spent days on end in the Russian Embassy in Australia: she studied the gait, the look and movement.

"Russian Doll", 2001, Australia

Directed by Stavros Kazantidis

Girl Katya in a long fur coat comes in hot Australia from St. Petersburg to outright combat groom furs and her black curls. But it was too late, he died. Now she urgently needs a new citizen of Australia, for which you want to get married, to stay in the country. Her red mini skirts and tops with sequins brought to mind the whole district. AktrisaNatalya Novikov, who is married to an Australian, it is recognized that local in the course of a lot of jokes about the Russian. For example, that the first of the Russian foreigners came to Australia in the XIX century, but were assimilated by the natives.

"Pretty Woman" in 2005, France

Directed by Cedric Klapisch

In the French version of the film is called "Matryoshka". Much of the story is developing in St. Petersburg, where 30-year-old Frenchman krasava arrives at the wedding of his friend and his bride British ballerina Natasha (Evgenia Obraztsova) of the Mariinsky Theatre. Krasava looking for happiness and meaning in life. It was in St. Petersburg, standing on the street Rossi and imagining the perfect Russian girl, he realizes that the ideal proportions - it's ugly. By the way, idealism, according to the British-fiance, typically Russian trait: "You, Russian, always strive to do everything perfectly ... No, it's okay, every nation a fad».

"Lily Forever" in 2002, Denmark, Sweden

Directed by Lukas Moodysson

The film is based on real events: shot Blogs Dangulov Rasalayte illegally exported to Sweden. In the story of the protagonist's mother Lily left with a rich lover to America and left a daughter out of money in a poor town uncertain Soviet republic. Lily wanting to repeat the success of my mother, falls in love with Andrew ties abroad and moved to the well-fed and prosperous Sweden. Upon arrival, the groom is supplier of girls and sends it into the hands of a pimp. Performed the role of Lily then 14-year-old Oksana Akinshina.

"Real Steel" in 2011, the US

Directed by Shawn Levy

Imperious and greedy for money Terah Lemkovu - owner of the most expensive and powerful robot Zeus - played actress Olga Fonda Russian origin. Compared with Farrah iron robot - good-natured. There are at least a button that you can press to turn it off. High heels, black dress, hair tied in a ponytail, and metallic voice. Nervously goes to Russian. However, the irritation it always says - directed by Shawn Levy took on her fragile shoulders cargo of world evil. At a press conference in Moscow, Hugh Jackman, artist, and the main role of the good, tried to reassure the local spectators, "Look, the robot has Russian, Japanese engineer invented it, it happens in America. The power of money is international. " But not all believe.

"2012", 2009, the US

Directed by Roland Emmerich

Oligarch girlfriend Tamara (Beatrice Rosen) - blonde with implanted breasts in a pink dress and with her dog in her arms. Although not the main character, a key figure. She also wants to escape and survive the end of the world 2012. And let the spaceship "Noah's Ark" was not built for such as she is, she just wade in it. Tamara is better to err American president on all sides: first, it has a thick oligarch Yuri, and secondly, the pilot-lover Sasha - arrive to rescue, if that. Knowing the ins and outs, the viewer is still imbued with sympathy and compassion. Girl it is not bad: the brave and friendly. In addition, the junction pictures Tamara rescues dog and moves to the side of good.



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