Disposal of Honda after the flood in Thailand

At the end of last year, the strongest in the last 50 years floods in Thailand killed 610 people. Millions of people were affected, the economic damage is estimated in billions of dollars. During flooding affected many major manufacturers whose factories in Thailand were under water. In particular, the plant was completely flooded by Japanese automaker Honda's Ayutthaya province. In total, the water is gone in 1055 new cars. After leaving high water, Honda began recycling. Difficult for motorists footage destroying more than 1 thousand brand new machines.

Aerial view of the factory Honda, October 2011: 46,228,547

But much water is gone, and the question arose: what to do with the affected vehicles?

The company's management has decided to make these "drowned" never appeared at potrebiteley.

It began the "great" of automobiles in Tailande.

Destruction of 1055 brand new cars all known sposobami.

In the end, it was also a good PR-action of the Japanese automaker.

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