The head of the Russian Space Agency has received a bottle on the head of the secretary (5 photos)

Over the past year Roscosmos showed the following results: were lost satellites "GLONASS" and the spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt" satellite "Meridian" crash, as well as the cargo ship "Progress", not spacecraft ever to visit the ISS. Meanwhile, in the department do not rage comic passion and not because of the results of the work as you might expect. Do not look for them to blame the failures in space and without the use of squandered billions of rubles from the budget. Do not think of how to remedy the situation - at the Russian Federal Space Agency is very different goals and objectives. And it was so ...

The head of "Roskosmos" Vladimir Popovkin admitted to the Burdenko Hospital early in the morning on March 7 with a concussion and lacerations of the head. His condition was rated as moderate.

At the same time, doctors discovered he had stuck in my head a few glass fragments that are removed under general anesthesia.

Witness: - Immediately after college Popovkin and one of our staff staged a swearing right in the restaurant - continues the source - they rushed to separate the barmaid. At this time, Popovkin was hit on the head with a bottle. His opponent hurt less. According to my information, the quarrel was due to personal press secretary Anna Vedischeva Popovkin.

Anna Vedischeva was appointed press secretary Vladimir Popovkin in 2011. Earlier Vedischeva was known as a top model, working with a number of major Russian and foreign agencies.

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