Crocodile disabled

inhabitants of the aquarium in the US city of Phoenix - an alligator named Mr. Stubbs - an artificial hvost.

Two-meter reptile completely lost one of the most important parts of the body in a fight with another crocodile. In the hands of professionals Stubbs was already being invalidom.

 - When the alligator was first introduced us, he could barely swim. If he does not touch the bottom, just rolled over on his back and lay in the water. We are like a child, taught him to swim, legs turning over, - said President of the Society Russ Dzhonson.

Case Mr. Stubbs interested group of scientists from the United States. Thanks to the joint efforts of they were able to create a full denture to restore crocodile podvizhnost.

New tail predator covered with a special silicone material, which is used to create special effects in kino.

Now the main task will be retrained zoologists Stubbs. He will have to re-learn the swimming technique befitting formidable alligatoru.



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