The guard left his job

Earlier Devet Du Toit worked as a security guard at a grocery store. Now he is Tarzan, king of the jungle. 24-year-old was replaced by a uniform on a loincloth of leopard skins and now worn in the jungle, just like his favorite geroy.

Devet spends time training the body and mind to survive in the jungle. Three days a week he spends on flights on vines, swim rivers, running through the mountains. When he's not in the way he lives in his parents' home with his twin brother Rudolf. The program of training and treatment of snakes and sleeping on derevyah.

Devet is focused on the performance of the original Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller (right) .

"I'm like Tarzan almost everything. My best friend - Elephant Shaka, and I spend more time with monkeys, zebras and crocodiles than to people. Someone may think I'm crazy, but I know that I was born for this life ".

"I'm building a home on a tree to shelter from leopards and snakes on earth. And sometimes I'm lonely. I want to find Jane, who would have brightened loneliness ".

"I do not like alcohol. It is better to prefer fruits or berries. I know what insects are edible ... In general, not every girl can live with me in the jungle ".

Devet sits on an elephant. In the film Johnny Weissmuller easily jumps on the back of his elephant with zemli.

Devet riding on an elephant, in imitation of the famous hero of the famous Hollywood filma.

Unity with nature: Devet petting a cheetah as a normal kotenka.

"I started training in 2007, and since then has made great progress. Recently I spoke with interested people from the United States about the trip to the meeting on Tarzan. People here just me and say they did not believe that I can do it, but I did it ".



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