Sleepless boy.

Sleepless boy.
Boy's name Rhett Lamb, his 3 years and like all his peers, he loves to play, run and perform various pranks. In one child, this is different from the others - he does not sleep. During the 24 hours he is awake, which leads to confusion of his parents and doctors for several years (almost from birth). Sometimes, just a few minutes, it looks sleepy, but it does not last long, and the child is now ready to run and frolic. After numerous studies, doctors agreed that Rett syndrome is rare, which is written in English as «chiari malformation». It is connected with the fact that part of the brain does not fit in the skull, and "squeezed" in the direction of the spinal cord, disrupting the control mechanisms of sleep and some other functions. By coincidence, the boy had violated only sleep function, otherwise it gives the impression of a healthy baby.


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