Apple is preparing to launch a program to exchange old for new iPhone models

Apple is preparing to launch a program to exchange old for new iPhone models. Having passed to the store and paying the old model of a certain amount, the buyer can get a new smartphone. Service trade-in will take effect starting this Friday, August 30. Officially, it could be announced in September, perhaps - of 10, when they host the presentation of the new iPhone. They will be subject to service "iPhones" next generation that will soon announce the company not utochnyaetsya.

Wishes to hand over their iPhone should bring it into one of the Apple Store in the US, where the staff will appreciate the b / u unit and call the amount that will go to the expense of buying a new "iPhone." Are taken into account factors such as cracks, chips and other damage, engraving, whether any liquid, the quality of the screen, buttons and other elements. The model of the iPhone 5 with 16 GB of memory in a good state of preservation will cost about 280 dollars, and the 8-gigabyte iPhone 4 - about 130.

If the buyer arrange the amount it will be credited to a gift card, which can be spent on the purchase of a new smartphone. Withdraw money or buy another Apple product it can not be. At the same time, under the terms of the program, the new smart phones have to be "attached" to your service provider and activated in the meste.

B / Apple employees at the unit is wrapped in a plastic bag and sent to Brightstar for recycling. Contrary to earlier rumors appeared, "iPhone" will be repaired and sent for sale in developing countries. The program will affect only the US, but in the future it may be extended to other countries.



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