Grandpa hid

One autumn day, German customs officials decided to inspect an extremely suspicious grandfather, who made the trip from Switzerland to Munich. To their surprise, he discovered more than 9 million euros in cash, which is more than the cash limit. Grandpa while and could not explain where the money is.

The most interesting thing started then, when in an apartment he rented in Munich found 1500 paintings by famous artists that were stolen by the Nazis during the "Third Reich" Among the paintings were works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Emil Nolde, and other well-known artists. German magazine Focus reported on Sunday, November 3, the masterpieces that the total cost of about one billion euros were found in the spring of 2011, but information about it so far has not been made public.

As the newspaper writes, found the paintings were confiscated from Jewish collectors by the Nazis during the "Third Reich." In respect of these works of art in Nazi Germany used the term "degenerate art».

All seized in 2011, the German customs works of art in the 30s and 40s of last century German art dealer bought Hildebrand Gurlitt (pictured). His son kept the painting in his apartment for more than 50 years, from time to time by selling some of them.

During the control of cash on the German-Swiss border in 2010, he came to the attention of law enforcement. Then began an investigation, which a few months later led to the seizure kept his masterpieces.



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