Tropical paradise

Palau - a tropical paradise.
Palau - an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean., Located in the western part of the Caroline Islands and consists of 8 major islands and respect about 300 smaller ones. It is ideal for dayviga, contains 1,500 species of marine fish and about 700 species of coral.

The most famous attractions of the Palau Islands are Rocky - a group of green islands covered with vegetation, with a few bright white sandy beaches. They were formed by ancient coral reefs, and the base of the limestone forms succumbed to a slow erosion over the millennia. This erosion and give them a "mushroom" shape.

The rocky islands and surrounding reefs constitute a popular tourist spot in Palau, for example, Blue Area, Blue Hole, German channel and the famous Jellyfish Lake - one of the many lakes in the islands, which are several species of stinging jellyfish, found only in Palau.



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