The island under the dome

Just 60 kilometers south of Berlin, is a huge tropical island. Its only difference from this tropical resort is that it is located far from the sea, under a huge artificial kupolom.

Tropical island was created in an abandoned aircraft hangar. Under the dome is also the world's largest tropical forest, planted in the room, this tropical village with these houses, shops and restaurants. But most importantly, you are waiting for the real sandy beaches, lagoon and tropical sea where you can swim. It also is the largest in Germany, water gorka.

This miracle is located in the town of Krausnick and is considered one of the world's largest indoor tropical swimming pool, can accommodate about 8,000 people a day. It is also the world's largest water park area of ​​66 000 square metrov.

The length of the hangar is 360 meters, width - 210 meters, and height - 107 meters. The construction of such a complex at a cost of 78 million Euros, and the hangar is considered one of the largest buildings by volume in the world. The resort is open all year long and the temperature inside is kept at a constant elevation of 25 degrees Tselsiyu.

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