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Perhaps the train and are the fastest and comfortable means of transport, but they are presented with a wonderful opportunity to see the most beautiful landscapes. We are always somewhere in a hurry, without noticing the beauty of the natural environment around them. But there is a trip where not so much important is your destination, it is important that you see along the way. I offer you 8 scenic rail routes.

This scenic rail route, which runs from Vancouver to Calgary, attracts every year more and more tourists. In 1990, the year this route passed only 10 000 passengers, but now their number has risen to 100 000.

On the way you will see the Castle Mountain, the main watershed, the bridge over Stony Creek, Lake Louise station. You can also see canyons, mountains and glacial lakes.

You can use the Gold Leaf Service and be in the car superior comfort, where you will find will be panoramic windows that offer a wonderful view, reclining seats, a restaurant, free drinks.

Trains Ghan in Australia there are more than 80 years. The route runs from Adelaide to Darwin, which is the capital of the Northern Territory. 3 days and 2 nights you can enjoy spectacular views.

During the trip, a stop is provided in the city Ellis- Springs, where you can stay for a day to learn about the history of the region and enjoy the beautiful nature.

This train goes from St. Moritz, Shvetsarii to Tirano, Italy 2, 5 hours. During the trip, you can see the 196 bridges and 55 tunnels.

Much of the route passes through two narrow-gauge railway lines, which in 2008 were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This train - a unique link between the heat and the cold north of the south, between the sleepy palm trees and sparkling glaciers.

The first railroad tracks on the route paved in 1870. During the trip, you can admire the ravines, rivers and streams, lush forests, mountains. The route runs from Maine.

During the six-day trip by train, you can see the most beautiful landscapes of Alaska. The route runs through the Denali National Park and Kenai Fjords. On the way you can admire the mountains, forests, coastlines and even see Mount McKinley in Alaska -The high.

During the route includes stops that passengers can go rafting, to hiking in Denali or swim with whales.

During the 8-hour trip will take you from Tsernata to St. Moritz and make their way to 288 km. You will pass through the tunnel 91 and 250 bridges. During the trip, you will go to an altitude of 1500 meters.

The train, which travels, refers to the slowest express trains in the world, but it allows you to enjoy the wonderful views of nature. The train provides the restaurant car, in a cat you can taste Swiss cheese, wine and a variety of desserts.

If you choose this route, you will be able to travel across half of America. The route is about 4000 km and lasts a little over 2 days. You will travel from Chicago to Emervilya, California.

You will see the Colorado River, the desert in Nevada, will pass through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The route that follows California Zephyr-it is the longest and most scenic rail route in America.

Another route is the Southwest Chief, which runs from Los Angeles to Chicago. Prodolzhitelnost- a little less than 2 days protyazhennost- approximately 3,600 km. On the way you will pass the Mojave Desert in Arizona and New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois.

You know more scenic routes? Please offer in the comments!


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