Unusual wedding

Plain wedding ceremony seems boring? We bring you the photos taken in different parts of the world, which show remarkable wedding. Akemi Hiroshi Matsuoka Quito and in the icy church in & quot; Igloo Village & quot ;, Hokkaido, Japan

Melissa and Rick Clark exchanged rings in Times Square New Year's Eve

Wedding couple during flooding in Manila, Philippines


Wedding couple during a bicycle race Giro d'Italia

The bride and groom on the beach in Lima, Peru, before the shamanic ritual, Valentine's Day

Robot «i-Fairy» the wedding Shibata and Satoko Tomorisho Inoue

Bride on a bike arrives at his own wedding in Tel Aviv

Fung Ching down from a cliff to her husband

Joe Baio and his wife Leah on mangrove plantation after the wedding in San Jose, Philippines

Wedding couple on the pedestrian bridge in Beijing on Valentine's Day

"Wedding loader", Hebei Province, China

Unusual wedding in Thailand

Newlyweds rescued from a man dressed as a pirate, Bangkok, Thailand

Floating in the air vapor, Thailand

Gerard Piper with his wife Yen in English Bay after participated in the swim 89m annual Polar Bear, Vancouver, British Columbia

Erin Finnegan and Noah Falmor: the world's first wedding in weightlessness on board the Boeing 727, the Gulf of Mexico

Sin Andersen with her husband during the World Congress of Santa Claus at an amusement park, Copenhagen

Chinese married couple on a public bus bound for Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany again to exchange vows

Wedding in Makdonadls: Marisela Matientso and Kalos Munoz, Mexico

The groom pulls the wagon with his fiancée, Shandong Province, China

Divers in costumes of bride and groom in June and the most popular month for weddings in the Philippines

Wedding couple during a mini-marathon in honor of the New Year, Sanya, Hainan Province, China

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