On the run

Last year, the surgeon changed the shape of my nose. He caught me with his wife

Yesterday was the exhibition of snakes. I came home with a medal and a diploma

Simon came home in a bad mood, that his wife, not knowing what he wants most right now, lay naked in the dumplings

Grandmother, save for a rainy day, during a solar eclipse nonweak pulled

In response to any signs of attention is simulated epileptic fit. Girls love guys mysterious

Each man waiting for a woman. But nobody knows where. So not everyone can avoid this meeting

I'm not just nefotogenichen. I nefotoshopogenichen

I bought mushrooms. I'll be toast. What kind of mushrooms - I do not know. In any case pomylas and dressed in all clean

When turned off the hot water, cold water is not that cold

! 994 was a bad year for music. Kurt Cobain died. Born Justin Bieber


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