Uruses, frogs and other bazungu

Which only mellifluous names do not come up with the peoples of their neighbors! Tatars in the course of the "Urus". "Urus", as you know, means "Russian." In the Ukrainian context, this would be an insult "Moskal" or "katsap." Russian, of course, also were not in debt, "crest", "Lyakh", "Chukhno", "Jew", "chuchmeki" - what only words did not invent our talented people to its neighbors.
It is clear that nicknames or aliases for some people can only appear in a collision with him, and as the British actively traveled, conquered and colonized, then they come up with nicknames for all parts of the world.
For nearly a thousand years, the main enemy for the Englishman was a Frenchman. Politically incorrect publish them so far is calling FROGS - frogs, for what they eat frog legs.

French, respectively, are calling for the British ROSTBIF love beef liver. In Poland, the British for being too punctual and kept the implementation schedule of the day called FAJFOKLOK, ie "five o'clock", a time when the British used to drinking tea. Can also be called "Angola" or "Anglic."
In Holland people live a liberal, so it did not work insulting nickname LINKSRIERS - Left hand, since the British drive on the left side of the street. The Dutch, by the way, so too went, moreover, the whole of Europe went to the left side, but in 1795 Europe captured the usurper, Napoleon, and made all drive on the right.
In Argentina, after losing the Falklands war, the British called PIRATAS. British tourists coming to Portugal, entered the national consciousness to its permanent COME ON - «come" or "go", so nicknamed Portuguese English - OS CAMONES.

China's relations with Britain, historically speaking, folding difficult. Two Opium Wars, where England acted as a state-nar * odiler, the Boxer Rebellion, the seizure of Hong Kong ... If Russian children frightened policeman in China after all fear frighten children "white ghost», GWAI LO - a ghost male or GWAI POR - female ghost.
Years passed, now Hong Kong residents a nickname already considered it an honor.
Germany has given birth to a contemptuous nickname Inselaffe, which means "monkey island».
One of the coolest nicknames for the British invented the language of Swahili, the word MZUNGU, literally - "a man without a smell."
Plural of "Mzungu" is - BAZUNGU, and contemptuous version of this expression with respect to sickly or stunted English is - KAZUNGU.

Palette English nicknames in different parts of the world is wide and varied.

As the poet said - choose on taste.
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