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In 1954, the Indian city of Bombay flooded hordes of rats. The situation has become so serious that the government has begun to take account of dead rodents in taxes. Naturally, the number of rats has been sharply reduced. After some time, the cunning Indians began to breed rats themselves and sell their carcasses government.

Every year, tourists throw to the famous Trevi Fountain, the Roman order of 1, 1 million dollars.

Steve Jobs' personal hygiene things were so bad that the company Atari, where he worked as a technician in his youth, tried to put it on the night shift, to minimize his contact with others. Up to 30 years Jobs rarely wore shoes. And during the meetings in his office, he often shocked Apple colleagues, opening the door to the bathroom and the toilet plunging bare feet - "to refresh».

In Norway, public universities education is available to any student from any country in the world, with absolutely free.

In America, donated blood is sold on the open market. Revenues of the "bloody industry" is $ 4, $ 5 billion a year.

Navy Mongolia consists of a single tugboat, which serves seven people, of which only one can swim.

The desire to squeeze and cuddle all the "cute" comes from the same area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the aggression.

During World War II, American soldiers who have previously engaged in shotgun shooting, handing out shotguns Winchester Model 1897. They occupied such positions from which could come in flying from an enemy grenade to change their trajectory and to protect the soldiers sitting in trenches.

Coconut milk is isotonic and sterile material (unless, of course, walnut shell is intact). For this reason, in poor countries coconut used for intravenous injection as a substitute for intravenous infusion package.

Black olives are sold canned in tins - this is usually the same green olives, only treated with special substances (ferrous salt, for example) to oxidize and make them more "attractive" black.

Pablo Picasso was very poor. He had to burn almost all his early work to somehow warm in the cold your apartment.

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