You live and put CCTV

I live in a house, where half of the residents - a deputy, administration officials, businessmen, etc. All their kids corresponding income.
It became colder, the window on the court already cold open when quitting smoking. Decided to put an ashtray. Tin bank does not want to hang up. Bought a nice ashtray for 200 rubles. Put. The first stood for about a week. Stolen. Not broken off, and set the same. 5 days. The third stood about a week too.
Wondered who still steals them. 90% believed that it is the larvae officials with an innate instinct of appropriation of another's.
The other day zamorochitsya, carrying a few hours prisobachil on site for garbage disposal a small gadget with video surveillance.
Profit worked in 3 days. I ran a joyful shoot camera and watch videos.
It turned out that the ashtray steals my fat neighbor ~ 45 years. Director of a construction company who rented half of our quarter, including our house.

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