Armchair bought on eBay

Killer bought on chair on eBay
56-year-old William Harrington bought a leather relaxation chair, but the purchase did not meet his expectations and was the cause of the disease.

Shortly after the acquisition of a man found on his body sores, the struggle with which men robbed two years. For a long time, doctors could not find the cause of the itchy and painful ulcers, but studies have shown that this reaction gave the body in response to exposure to toxic substances.

Trying to figure out the cause of their troubles a man found that his favorite chair, which he had acquired on the popular auction site eBay, the party was withdrawn from stores after receiving complaints of allergic reactions. As it turned out, the cause of these reactions was the dimethyl fumarate treatment of furniture, which can cause eczema. However, the online auction no warnings about potential troubles were not.

Upon receipt of such information the chair has gone to the garage gathering dust.


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