I want to be a killer whale

Want least for some time to feel large marine predator? Very easily it can be issued. In total some hundred thousand conventional units - and you are the master of the underwater vessel in the shape of a killer whale. Well, it is purely conventional scuba - diving depth, but do not laugh - half a meter. But the rest - a very personal unit. The engine - 225 horsepower. Ramps at the surface to quite decent ninety kilometers per hour. And in the same solid state semisubmerged - forty kilometers. Salonchik pretty compact - just for two, yes, in principle, such a vessel is not required. Well, of course, a docking station for iPhone and iPod. This is at present the sacred. Funny this toy for adults and for quite adult price. However, the same stories - also because not dvuhkopeechnye units, but, however, have quite an extensive range of consumer. (Which can be, at least, multiplied by two, at the expense of those who are drooling admits, but finances do not allow). So it is to admit that such an extravagant toy, it is claimed the future. No, well, really stylish skuterok. And eye pleased and frolic, you can still pretty. What else you need to buzz and adrenaline?


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