15 little-known facts about Google

So, Google is 15 years old. On this occasion, The Guardian newspaper published a list of fifteen lesser-known facts about the largest Internet companies of the world. This is really interesting.

1. Initially, Google called BackRub. That's the way looked Home search engine, which became the prototype of Google. Your text to link ...

2. Extremely rapid growth Google is particularly noticeable on the background of a curious fact that from 2010 onwards the Internet giant bought an average of one company a week.

3. The first doodle Google founders Sergey invented Brin and Larry Page together. This happened in 1998. By the usual multicolored lettering Google Add schematic image of a burning Man - the symbol of the festival Burning Man, which takes place in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Brin and Page went there in 2008.

And it is quite another doodle
4. Own chef Charlie Ayers, Google already appeared in 1999, when the company had only 40 employees.

5. Ayers built in the corporation a good career, becoming the chef of the whole company. At the time of departure from Google, he oversaw 150 employees and 10 cafes in the Google headquarters in Mountain View.

6. Gmail already supports more than 50 different languages. Among them there are, as the language of the Basques, Welsh, Tagalog, Malayalam, the language telulu and Cherokee Indians.

7. In 2004, Google became a public company, selling off some of its shares on the stock exchange. The same day, about 1,000 of its employees have become millionaires.

8. One of the lucky ones - the masseuse Bonnie Brown. She came to work in the company in 1999. Initially, her salary was $ 450 a week.

9. The button "I'm Feeling Lucky" has become extremely popular. But every year it costs Google $ 100 million in lost advertising revenue.

10. Google hires goats. In 2009, the company has leased about two hundred goats that grazed on the territory of its campus in California, and incidentally fertilized the soil with their feces.

11. The first official tweet corporate Twitter Google meant "I'm feeling lucky", but was written in binary, that is consisted only of zeros and ones.

12. Competitor Google, organization Mozilla (browser Firefox), receives money from the internet giant. For what the browser's default search engine uses Google, its developer receives $ 300 million a year.

13. The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin owned for two only 16% of the company.

14. The total cost of the 16-percent stake approaching $ 46 billion.

15. Each new employee within the company called nuglerom (noogler), and the former - ksuglerom (xoogler).

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