Pavel Durov against Sergei Lazarev (5 photos)

All songs Lazarev were removed from the social network VKontakte.
It began with the fact that Serge expressed in microblogging his displeasure, he did not like the fact that the pirates have access to his songs, and he intends to sue the social network.
I got what they deserved.

Answer Durov did not take long, and removed all the tracks Lazarev was not without a sense of humor;)

Now when you try to listen to any audio tracks from Sergey Lazarev, you will be shown a message stating that the record is not available and the reasons for its lack of permanent issued different and they just make you smile :)

Social network "VKontakte" has removed the song pop singer Sergei Lazarev. It was December 12th the head of the social network Pavel Durov in his microblog. When you try to play most of the songs Lazarev window pops up telling you that an audio recording is not available. Social Network shows two different versions of the reasons that have been withdrawn songs Lazarev.

In some cases, they say, that this was done at the request of holders, while others - "because of the lack of cultural values." Some users have also met with the wording "because of the poor quality of execution" and, using the English localization, «crap warning».

Songs Lazarev removed from social networks shortly after the singer announced claims against the "VKontakte". December 6, he tweeted that he was going to sue the brainchild Durov for piracy of his work. December 12 Lazarev wrote that all users who illegally stay within the social network copies of his songs have received reports of copyright infringement. The letter contained a request to remove the composition. After "VKontakte" has fulfilled its requirements, the singer responded to the formulation of "no cultural value." "It's definitely podёbka administration" Vkontakte ". but I do not care !!! the main thing - is removed ", - he assured his readers Lazarev.

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