For those who are willing to think. Top 5 "uncut" books

For once in your life, but you sit down at the desk, got a pencil and tried to write. Sometimes the "poems" about love. Sometimes - a whole book. Instead, the table could easily be the floor or bench. Instead of a pencil - a cigarette or coffee ...
His book, I began to write in the first year. Moved sentimental, but good novels Levi and "Semantic hallucinations" Palahniuk. Abandoned. A few years later I found and ... surprised. Decent and interesting reading, written in my own handwriting, it was not mine. Heroes, whose life before loomed before my eyes, abandoned its author ...
The book has remained (and remains) unfinished. You see, once the "muse" has not come. Do not wait for it - the young lady windy or "man-plumbing" - advised even Stephen King. But some of the known and present authors with the problem of "not wait" for various reasons, have failed. And an unfinished book as mannered sculpture, "founded" a new genre, which gives food for thought more than usual.

Anyone who has not forgotten to include the imagination, offer a subjective top 5 famous unfinished, but the "edible" pieces.

«America" ​​("Missing»). is not the only unfinished novel by Franz Kafka really did not like his other creations. Carl, ready to sacrifice themselves for others to admire, but infuriates so much that I want to hurt him squeal in the face. The book is about the life of unsuspecting boy breaks off in mid-sentence - perhaps because he did not come "plumber" and does not suggest how to bring the hero of all the troubles. He even commanded to burn it. But slukavil times he did not. It is clear from the last will be considered did not.

«Dead Souls». The first part of the "poem" by Nikolai Gogol, conceived as a three-volume, all read in school. Because - start with the end. The third part of the author did not have time to finish. A second (once more principled than Kafka) before his death in a serious state of mind - burned. True, there were drafts of some chapters, which have seen the light. Thus, for primers. Chichikov older, he becomes more agile, but its business is not on the move. Buying dead peasants slowed down, the landlords became fashionable soul lay in a pawnshop ...

«The Good Soldier Svejk» Who is not familiar with the hero of Jaroslav Hasek - who grew up without reading. Frank idiotic banter over the courts, the police, ministries, the clergy is quite appealing and modern. But the novel six-part broke on the fourth - the writer died. Continuing, however, it appeared. Just stay Svejk in Russian captivity have said Czech journalist Karel Vanek.

«The Citadel». «The Little Prince" Exupery know everything. This basic familiarity with the author generally ends. And for good reason. Praising the convention, reflecting on death and life lived, the author wrote a lot of notes. I do not have time to polish. Or maybe not going to - they say, do not ever finish the book. Original eventually turned voluminous and complex. And at the request of the family of the writer was "simplistic" to the level of the general reader. "Edition" you choose. But in an abridged version survived, not all of this chapter.

«The Original of Laura». only - stop! No need now to buy a book or a pump. Two years of work by Vladimir Nabokov was cut short by his death. In his will he asked to destroy the manuscript. But publishing and profit - not an area where "watch over" the will of the author. In 2008, Nabokov's son Dmitri yet published «The original of Laura». A novel about the weather, nature, feelings, and a million things very difficult to understand. Read it - "just so" is not necessary. Only the craziest fans and dedicated creator of "Lolita."


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