Examples magnificent street art Paul Pukhov

Today we want to show you the street art, made by Russian artist, who worked in the area of ​​graffiti, street installations, painting. He was best known under the name P183. Unfortunately he died in April this year.

Str. Tamka, near the Museum of Frederic Chopin. Authors: Marcin Urbanek, Łukasz Mieszkowski.

"Human Destiny", ul. Radzyminska. Authors: Groups Twożywo (Warsaw, Poland), Farbierer (Dusseldorf, Germany).

"Destiny" from a different angle.

Alley John Paul II. Author: Blu (Bologna, Italy).

Improvisation. Hangar in France.


"100 Years of Solitude, a voluntary, unselfish." 2007

Canvas, 2013

Canvas, 2013


Source: slavikap.livejournal.com


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