TOP 20 Graffiti January

The best thing was painted on the walls of cities around the world over the past mesyats.Strit art develops most rapidly of all existing art forms. With it can compete unless the graphic and industrial design, but they are applied and most thoroughly commercial. A street art - primarily a social phenomenon. Reflecting society and its aspirations.

Month in the world there are several hundreds of notable works, site Street Art Utopia and we choose for you the most interesting. Works in the collection are not new - for example, Paul points Pukhov for almost three years, but they only became known this month.

Dusseldorf GermaniyaDecycle

London VelikobritaniyaEvol


Brest FrantsiyaPakOne

MoskvaPavel Pukhov


Valparaiso Chili

Irving SShARobert Glen

Relleu, Ispaniya

Eduardo Relero

TCF Crew

London VelikobritaniyaBanksy

Caracas Venesuela

Canberra, Avstraliya

Elvio Maccheroni

Oslo NorvegiyaAlice Pasquini

Turin ItaliyaROA

Berlin Germaniya

Hamburg GermaniyaLos Piratoz

Bordeaux FrantsiyaUman Coma

London VelikobritaniyaDavid Walker

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