Conceptual phones from Sony Ericsson and Nokia

Esato Design Group has developed a new concept of a smartphone Sony Ericsson, which would have graced any range of any manufacturer of mobile phones. Judge for yourself, concept, called XPERIA XTX1, comprising: a camera with a resolution of 12, 25 Mpic, equipped with Exmor sensor and the ability to shoot in HD-format. Naturally, the smartphone has HDMI for video output. In addition, XPERIA XTX1 equipped with front camera to enable video calls.

Meanwhile, Nokia has presented another unusual development, which in the area of ​​the Republic of Uzbekistan has been dubbed "Vanka-Poly". The main feature of the gadget is that during an incoming call, the phone goes from the horizontal position to the vertical. This innovation was made possible by the electromagnet under the cover of the phone. Tuned to a particular signal, Nokia Kinetic shifts by an electromagnet center of gravity. To reset the call simply push the phone easily. Nokia Kinetic is equipped with a standard camera with zoom and mini usb-port.


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