Football: overview friendlies

Yesterday took about two dozen friendlies. We bring you a brief overview of the most interesting of them.

In Mexico City, the match between the national teams of Mexico and current world champions, the Spanish national team. The Spaniards, oddly enough, were almost the strongest composition.

The teams played in an interesting football, and the first difference the home team. This Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez (Javier Hernandez) for 12 minutes, figured in a failed attempt to create an artificial offside Spaniards and went one on one with the goalkeeper. As befits a top-class players, the rookie, "Manchester United" and struck bitingly accurate.

After scored the Mexicans moved closer to its goal, allowing the Spaniards to play my game. World champions gradually erode the defense against Mexico and the opponent in response to periodically go to the counter. But the Spaniards clearly not lucky. And when it seemed the match completed the victory of the home team, a bad pass in the center of the field proved fatal. One pass, and David Silva, the score in the first minute of the compensated. Champions were able to defend their honor!

Mexico - Spain 1: 1
Goals: Chicharito, 12 - Silva, 90 +1

Mexico: Ochoa (Crown, 55), Juarez Rodriguez Moreno (Lopez, 65), Salcido, Marquez (Aguilar, 56), Torrado, Giovani (Elias Hernandez, 64), Vela (Eskueda, 55), Guardado (Pinto, 69), Chicharito

Spain: Casillas (Valdes, 46), Arbeloa, Puyol (Navas, 46) Marchena (Pique, 65), Montreal, Busquets (Xavi, 61), Bruno (Pedro, 71), Fabregas (Xabi Alonso, 46), Cazorla, Mata (Silva, 46), Llorente (Ramos, 46)

English played at home against Hungary. Naturally, the owners owned a total advantage throughout the match. But, as the World Cup could once again lose. A couple of times during the first half, the Hungarians saved goalkeeper Kiraly. In other cases, the British simply hit "in milk". All major events began in the second half. First, after the passage of the striker Koman from the left flank attack and shot along the goal line, Jagielka cut the ball into his own net. This was 62 minutes into the game.

And after seven minutes, the weighty word said England captain Steven Gerrard (Steven Gerrard). Midfielder received the ball in front of the penalty area and, shifting the center, can be shot into the keeper's left-hand post. The goalkeeper was powerless.

After another four minutes after the captain draws a double pass through the slalom half penalty.

England - Hungary 2: 1
Goals: Gerrard, 69, 73 - Jagielka, 62 (own goal)

England: Hart, G.Dzhonson, Jagielka, Terry (Dawson, 46), E.Koul (Gibbz 46), Walcott (Zamora, 46), Barry, Lampard, Dzherarrd (Wilshere, 83), A.Dzhonson Rooney ( Milner, 67)

Hungary Kiraly, Liptak (Kolmoshi, 55), Seles, Juhász, Vanchak (Lacko, 46), Huszti (Hajnal, 46), Elek (One 59) Vadoch, Dzsudzsák (Coman, 46), Gera, Gergely (Priskin 83)

At the moment, the French team is only beginning to take shape, because only Laurent Blanc took over the team. It is not surprising that the French gave way to a strong middle peasants - against Norway with a score of 1-2.

Frenchman Hatem Ben Arfa scored on 48 minutes.

For Norway, the double team scored Huselklepp 51 minutes and 71 minutes.

Photo: AP, Reuters

Below is the statistics and outcomes of other, most interesting matches.

Czech Republic - Latvia 4: 1
Goals: Bednar, 49, Fenin, 54, Pospěch, 74, Necid, 77 - Kaun, 90

Lithuania - Belarus 0: 2
Goals: Kutuzov, 49, Hleb, 90

Turkey - Romania 2: 0
Goals: Emre, 82 (pen), Turan, 86

Ireland - Argentina 0: 1
Goal: Di Maria, 21

Austria - Switzerland 0: 1
Goal: Costanzo, 73

Slovenia - Australia 2: 0
Goals: Dedic, 78, Lyublyankich 90

Denmark - Germany 2: 2
Goals: Rommedahl, 74, Juncker, 87 - Gomez, 19, Helmes, 73

South Africa - Ghana 1: 0
Goal: Mphela, 42

Poland - Cameroon 0: 3
Goals: Eto'o, 29, 52, Abubakar, 86

Serbia - Greece 0: 1
Goal: Salpingidis, 45

Slovakia - Croatia 1: 1
Goals: Stoch, 50 - Yelavich, 54


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