Extreme swamp soccer

The whole history of football – of the British games pioneer Charles Alcock, say, Sepp Blatter was going to improve the conditions of the matches. The soccer field was leveled, lawns improved, actively worked on the drainage system and lighting. But any action is a reaction and at some time were people who wanted to go back and make playing conditions unbearable. So there was a swamp soccer.

The match lasts two times for 13 minutes, each team of 5 players and a goalkeeper (apparently, Vanhanen Orient at the favorite Finnish hockey), the dimensions of the field not more 60х35 meters, which is approximately two times less than the usual football standard.

As in the case with the artificial turf in professional football, marsh field can be real – in this case, the surface of the turf removed, the soil plowed and abundantly pour water. Usually during a game the players go into the swamp up to his ankles, but it could be worse.

The canonical photo of one of the first world Championships in swamp football striker scoring a goal with his head while almost to the waist in mud, which reaches a depth of one meter. The added complexity of the game gives a ban on the change of boots, which in the course of the match score dirt swell of water and after the final whistle are often totally unfit for further use.

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