Day in Photos, January 18, 2011

Today, as usual had a lot of sporting events, a pair of trendy bars and a substantial amount of the powerful, often struggling to get into the frame.

Celebrities and bohemians sniffing cocaine and other "magic powder", as French President Nicolas Sarkozy ... hay on a farm in eastern France! To that ...

And because the system works!

Greek presidential guard officer inspects the troops to greet heads of state.

The Spanish royal family receives ambassadors of various countries in the framework of the annual reception at the Royal Palace.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco on the eve of trial run elephant 35th Circus Festival in Monaco.

Moldovan-Romanian border, "Wait a minute, the engine, do not knock the wheel." Tighter control is associated with the desire of the Romanians to get into the Schengen zone.

Macedonian tobacco companies trying to break into the parliament building. Obviously not treat their own tobbacco parliamentarians.

40,000 liters of fuel and lubricants to the oil depot burned in Mumbai (India).

Jennifer Bailey considers the six-meter skeleton of a whale, who died five years ago in the waters of the River Thames. Keith swam upstream, and it could not be saved. The reasons for this behavior are unknown mammal. Perhaps he imagines himself to salmon.

Young leopard Wind and Estrella huddle to his mother Sarah in the Berlin zoo.

Activists of the environmental organization Campact! Germany protesting against the development of the agricultural giants and require the support of small farmers.

Indian boy drew a picture on the theme "Save fuel - to save money." Drawing contest is held in Hyderabad.

The original table for playing carom by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco will be available tomorrow, any visitor to view the gallery Tate Modern in London.

Campaign Fencing Federation of Great Britain in front of the sponsor. Why not pofehtovat a million pounds in 4 years.

Australian Leyton Hewitt speaks with his hand. Interlocutor seem silent.

Jo Tsonga: "My cheerful ringing ball, where you raced at a gallop?».

Philipp Petzschner convinces Jo Tsonga did not give in and lost fairly.

Original tattoo Katerina Bondarenko clearly "helped." Ukrainian tennis player has taken off in the first round of the tournament Australian Open.

The goalkeeper of Bahrain national football team after a single missed goal by Australians, "Oh, do not hurt my head b».

A unique hotel garbage «Corona Beach Hotel» was opened in Madrid. German artist Ha Schult created the interior and exterior of the beaches of debris - a real display of our present "garbage century».

Mr. Rabbit, more commonly known as the Tu Er E is becoming increasingly popular in the Chinese New Year's Eve. Tu Er E is the symbol of the festival Autum. According to legend, it produces the elixir of longevity and lives on the moon.

Exhibition Horlogerie in Geneva attended by a huge number of celebrities. Basically male. Laurent Blanc, Ronan Keating (Ronan Keating), Oliver Bierhoff, Boris Becker, Zinedine Zidane (Zinedine Zidane), Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey). Explicit exact time fans in a nice wrapper.

Today is the last day of men's fashion week in Milan (Milan Fashion Week Menswear).

But in Hong Kong Fashion Week (Hong Kong Fashion Week) yesterday just begun.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters

Nice to get the day I tell you :)


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