Day in Photos, February 10, 2011

Thursday was in work, work ... and more time working. But the work is very difficult to give. In several cities of the world have started large-scale cultural events.

Plum blossom in the courtyard of the Temple of Heaven in China.

Two Somali pirates on board a ship in the Indian port of Mumbai.

Teachings of Russian firefighters in the Krasnoyarsk airport Emelyanovo.

Loading of iron ore in the cargo terminal of Rio Tinto, Western Australia.

Rush hour in the metro Brazilian Sao Paulo.

Saudi boys wander in the wilderness.

A trader on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany. No comments.

Butcher in Shanghai does not have time to carve meat. For now, the dumplings in the diet of almost all Chinese families - New Year still.

In Manila (Philippines) produced one of the most expensive vodka in the world. The author - a very young chef ANGELITA Araneta. He added goryachitelny drink edible 24-karat gold, one carat of diamonds from South Africa and a pearl. The cost of a bottle with a drink - $ 11,000.

Fruits and vegetables market in India Ahmedabad are all less demand. Most Indians prefer to eat that are grown with their own hands or buy on the natural markets. There are cheaper.

Italian farmer on the way to your site in Abbiategrasso (Lombardy).

Brazilian boy watching his father treats plantation salad.

Such a result would be a month.

Prayer Christians in the Bulgarian town of Blagoevgrad. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Cross of candles that stand in the pot with honey, in honor of Charalambos - the patron saint of bee-keeping.

Diver Probe sets of the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences at the surface of the coral.

Rabbit enters the Chinese temple Datri.

Activists of the Russian Association XZ in St. Petersburg trying to draw attention to the poor quality of public services for cleaning streets.

French teachers protest action against President Nicolas Sarkozy. "Sarkozy, get out!».

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tried to surprise the policeman at the Kiev railway station in Moscow. It did not happen.

Hungarian cow appeared in front of the Parliament in Budapest, thanks to the activists of Greenpeace, who are protesting against the use of products containing GMOs.

A member of the tea party in March Stemp listening to speech at the 38th Conference of the Conservative Party of the United States.

There Sen. Pat Toomey: "Go back and close the door».

It is hard to understand someone who does not give the documents. Queen Elizabeth II and the ambassador of Peru Hernán Couturier. But that did not share - the fact.

US President Barack Obama during standby bypass adjacent territory to the White House: "Chief, it's okay!» ©.

Spaniard Alvaro Lopez Cobo controls dogsled during the sixth stage of the race through the Pyrenees.

American Crew and Alex Gelsomino Ken Block at the next stage of the rally in Sweden.

Cyclist Brazil Murillo Fischer - the winner of the fifth stage of cycling on the island of Mallorca.

French tennis player Stephanie Cohen Aloro, "Ёshkiiiin koooot!" During a match at the «Paris Open» against American Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

 - Well, how can you? (lost).

In Mytishchi launched LG Cup international hockey. Match Russia - Finland was held in the Russian ice. The remaining matches will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The ceremony of awarding certificates to schoolgirls in South Korean Seoul.

The French automaker Renault, Carlos Ghosn says Renault Zoe electric car on the outskirts of Paris.

In the Philippines, started the 16th International Balloon Festival «Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta», which is traditionally held in Pampane.

Austrian artist, who calls himself a "man-mirror» (Mirror Man) arrived in the Chinese Taipei to participate in the spring festival, which begins on February 17.

Exhibition Fido, authored by French designer Christian Lacroix, held in Paris at «Hotel des Monnaies».

In Berlin, he started 61 th in a row Festival Berlinale.

The most famous in the world of the circus «Cirque Du Soleil» rehearse before the performance in Vienna, Austria.

Frontman «Scorpions» Klaus Meine pictures of his supporters before a meeting with the Prime Minister of Thailand. The group currently is in a farewell world tour.

New York Fashion Week kicked off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Photo: Getty Images, Reuters


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