Smart forspeed - urban electric vehicle

Geneva Motor Show continues to disturb automakers and they are looking towards the competitors continue begun rest - organize previews of its new products.

Concern Daimler decided not to be on the sidelines and presented its new car Smart. It is an electric vehicle for urban streets. At the Geneva Motor Show, this model will be presented as a concept. Smart forspeed - Convertible for two people, which has no roof and the side windows, which significantly restricts the use of its geography. Even the windshield as such it does not have. There are air ducts, which is similar to vintage analog in the first planes with propellers. From Rain Smart forspeed can be protected just parked. In this case, the electric awning covered. Charging cars from conventional power. Quick charging takes less than 45 minutes. Maximum speed Smart forspeed is 120 km / h. Used in the fabrication of carbon.


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