Geneva Motor Show 2013 (Geneva Motor Show in 2013): the luxury and grandeur

The second day in Geneva, Switzerland has one of the key, most important, auto world. In the first our material, we suggest you look at the cars and concepts that can rightfully be considered a luxury.

Studio Brabus has presented to «Geneva Motor Show 2013" luxury Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG, which is under the hood of the hidden "heart" of the power of 800 horsepower. Up to 100 km / h, this "toy" is dispersed for 3, 7 seconds. Speed ​​twice that achieved 9, 8 seconds. At the same time, the "ceiling" at the speed of cars is limited to a mark of 350 km / h. Perhaps we are not talking that cars Mercedes-Benz has been and remains the favorite brand for Brabus. In addition to these advantages, the master tuning is still pleased with something. Alloy wheels, carbon fiber body kit, button regulation "rumbling" of the engine, quilted leather interior ... Continue? :)

Rolls-Royce also decided to show that their cars are capable of delivering the speed and demonstrated the new coupe Wraith. Just about power: 12 cylinders of 6, 6 liters and power 632 "horses", allowing two tons of weight to disperse the "hundreds" of 4, 6 seconds. Wraith was the fastest in the history of Rolls-Royce. Naturally, the emphasis is not only on speed: media under the control of the voice, the system circular view, projection display, color 10-inch monitor and a lot of technological innovations. On the other hand, appearance is still not the top five.

One more British produce vehicles of class "luxury", presented a novelty Aston Martin Rapide S. In fact, the new sports car, the most categorical changed in appearance. Moreover, inside the cabin is now even less noise. And under the hood of the car hidden power plant capacity 558 horsepower, for a volume of 6 liters engine and a top speed of 305 km / h. Before hundreds of acceleration takes 4, 9 seconds.

Superkrossover called Parcour brought to Geneva magicians from ItalDesign Giugiaro. Four-wheel drive car was introduced in the coupe and convertible versions. We are interested in the latter option. Under the hood of a car engine is Lamborghini, 550 hp Naturally, the manufacturer tried to alleviate as much as possible due to the weight of carbon fiber and aluminum. Fifteen tons of weight can reach speeds of 100 km / h in 3, 6 seconds! Oka, a concept to you.

Another convertible unveiled Toyota. This is the concept of the FT-86 Open. In fact, from the normal coupe, the convertible is almost the same. In addition to the convertible top drive and the feeling of unity with the world :) But, you see, looks impressive.

The last car of today will be the concept car from Subaru, which is called Viziv. This concept crossover with a diesel-hybrid is designed to show us the future trends of the manufacturer. And they are very cute. Opposed diesel with a 2 liter capacity supported by two electric motors which are responsible for the rear wheels. This concept did not continue in the form of a specific model, but only intended to demonstrate the future of the company.

This, for now. Tomorrow we will see powerful sports cars. See you!


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