Ingredients (18 pieces)
150 gr. sushi rice
9 sheets of nori seaweed, sliced ​​in half
200 gr. tuna fillet
50 oz. flying fish roe
3 tsp Kimchi sauce
1 avocado or cucumber
pickled ginger
soy sauce

1. Place the front of nori rough side up, long side facing you. Then, the left half of Fig algae put leaving 1 cm hem with each of the three edges.
2. Prepare the filling: finely chop the tuna fillets, add the eggs flying fish sauce, kimchi and mix.
Figure 3. put the filling tuna, eggs, kimchi and a slice of avocado or cucumber.
4. displace hands tight kulechek in a cone shape. Extreme corner slightly moistened with water to roll does not fall apart.
5. Serve on a round platter in the center laying pickled ginger, in a separate bowl, pour soy sauce.


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