The day in pictures, May 23, 2011

Ireland became, apparently, a fashionable place for politicians, Iceland - a dangerous place for the aircraft, and the US state of Missouri - dangerous to all living things. However, not all so pessimistic. It's just a label, but not the essence of the day.

A variety of lupine multivalent in London at the exhibition Chelsea Flower Show.

Some, like the Hong Kong businessman were lush vegetation on the head.

In Iceland, the volcano awoke again Grimsvotn spewing a cloud of ash to a height of 20 kilometers.

Air traffic over the island stopped and the ashes moving towards Europe.

American town of Joplin, Missouri, at the center of the raging tornado.

As a result - furrow length of almost 10 kilometers wide and about a kilometer across the city. The number of dead and missing is close to a hundred people.

Indian family crossing the road in Allahabad in the pouring rain.

Vietnamese boy drives his water buffalo through the town of Sapa, Northwest Vietnam.

Workers rest during a break on a mountain of bags of fertilizer in Sinuiju, North Korea.

An Afghan woman washes a plastic bucket outside his temporary home in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Bangladeshi farmers work at a rice field in Mushigondzh, a suburb of the capital Dhaka.

Mohammed Alishan entertains visitors to the fair in Srinagar on attraction "Wall of Death", India.

Residents of the Bolivian city Achakachi switched from cash to barter relations. The blame last year's drought. Due to the extremely high prices for food, it is more favorable to trade than buy.

Yemeni girl is bored, while women pray during a demonstration against the current president, Sanaa, Yemen.

Do not stop protests against the President of Georgia - Mikheil Saakashvili. The inscription on the banner at the demonstrators near the television center in Tbilisi - "Go in peace."

In the Moroccan city of Casablanca and Rabat police dispersed the demonstrators. And I make sure not words.

Pakistanis visiting the degree of destruction of the bridge, which connects Islamabad and Peshawar, near Nowshera. The bridge blown up by a bomb, which laid the unknown.

As soon as the Queen of England left Ireland as Barack Obama arrived there with his wife. First of all - the local beer Guinness. Great-great-great-grandfather of Barack hails from Ireland.

And while some are not happy to see the US president on his land, and his supporters there. Or, for example, supporters :)

Today, at the preliminary hearing of the case of former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko was present former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The court was adamant and decided not to release Lutsenko before the merits on May 27 this year.

Footballers "Barcelona" Pedro Rodriguez (left) and Andres Iniesta (right) is intensively preparing for the upcoming Champions League final, which left up to 5 days. The match will take place in London.

Today, the Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki successfully passed the second round of the tournament, "Roland Garros", defeating Japanese girl Kimiko Date Krumm with 2: 0 (6: 0, 6: 2), Paris, France.

One of the heroes of the third match of the final series of the NBA Eastern Conference - Chris Bosh of «Miami Heat», blokshoty which helped his team win «Chicago Bulls» 96:85 and take the lead in a series of 2: 1.

In Tampa, Florida, in the territory of the amusement park Busch Gardens opened fastest slide in the state. The strength of the magnets allows you to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in a matter of seconds. Moreover, at least three times per trip.

Restorer cleans the dust from one of the six tombs before opening to the public in Saqqara, Egypt.

Dancers from the Australian company «Strange Fruit» hover above the ground during the opening of the 50th Festival of Israel in Jerusalem.

Photo: AP, AFP, Getty Images, Reuters


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