Three-wheeled Morgan 3 Wheeler retroromantika

This unusual vehicle on three wheels is able to take you into the middle of the last century, so that everyone could feel the spirit of the time. Most Morgan 3 Wheeler analogues created exclusively for the tracks.

In our case, this is not true. Narrow tires and tread pattern that does not allow to create the maximum possible engagement with the road surface. Morgan 3 Wheeler is equipped with a V-Twin harleevskim and five-speed gearbox from the Mazda MX-5. Acceleration time to 100 km / h is only 4, 5 sekundy.Transportnoe tool designed for two people, and there is room for luggage. The dashboard in Morgan 3 Wheeler most similar to the cockpit of an airplane, the popularity of these aircraft. The main problem is called a trip on bad roads. Traveled pothole front wheels, you will certainly move into the hole of the rear wheel.


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