Day in Photos, September 7, 2011

That's all I think that today was a usual environment. But nothing like this, if you look around, you will make sure that it is not. And yet, today is the birthday of Uncle Sam. Yes, yes, the same character in a silly hat with stars.

Today NASA released a photo of the North Pole of the Moon. This picture was assembled from 983's of photos taken probe «Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter» for nine months, since this part of the Earth's satellite is mostly in the shade.

The laser beam and lightning illuminate the sky over the Allgäu in Germany.

Young cat got tired of swimming in the Pacific Ocean, while sunbathing, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand.

And this kid northern fur seal looks explicitly condemning a photographer. The same Otago Peninsula in New Zealand.

A pair of dolphins sports with surfers in Daytona, Florida, USA.

Thai releasing birds for good luck in Lopburi, Thailand.

Duck had no time to be born, and it has already been sentenced to vaccination, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Sheep Perakuani paradise in New Zealand.

A resident of the Republic of Bangladesh with four cows goes along the border of Bangladesh and India. It does not cross, do not patrol, but simply goes :)

Lesson gym in Kabul, Afghanistan. Schoolgirls doing "Birch". However, they, probably, it is called differently. Perhaps the pomegranate tree or apricots :)

The harvest of peaches in a Hungarian village Tishavashvari.

Libyan rebels last week playing guns, and now play cues. It is terrible to imagine what would be the next thing in their hands :)

In China, scheduled trial for embezzlement of state officials to pharmaceutical companies established in his office a copy of Versailles.

Just a spooky excitement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Do not take the weight - do not make an approach. Photo overturned crane at the building of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Here's a substitute for panoramic surveillance cameras in the building of the Supreme Court of India, in New Delhi.

Three shopping bags, three boxes of, well, try to get carried away. Australian shopping bags goes home on the main avenue of the town.

In the German Karlsruhe now we solved the problem with the Greeks. Assist countries, or to put it on the bottom.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, fighting for the new budget.

Member of protest against corruption in Sao Paulo on the Independence Day of Brazil.

Spain continues velomnogodnevki "Vuelta". In the photo the seventeenth stage of cycling.

This truck hit the pages of the Guinness World Records as the car that has the largest carrying capacity in the world - only 447 tons of coal placed in his body, the coal development to the north of Douglas, Wyoming, USA.

More than a thousand goldfish take part in the exhibition "Aquarium Art", held in Tokyo «Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall», Japan. Sorry, there was a bonus of three thousand full of desires.

A visitor takes pictures on the background of a portrait of Fidel Castro in the Museum Jose Marti, Havana, Cuba. Jose Marti - the great Cuban writer, poet and leader of the liberation movement of anti-Spanish.

Models demonstrate collection designer named Wang Gang in the framework of the 22nd festival costumes in Dalian, China.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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