Day in Photos, September 9, 2011

Very rich and full day today has been on our planet. Friday gave rampant imagination, so in the sky flying kites and bicycles, swimming in water fish and motorcycles, and only one policy did not care - he played Tanchiki :)

Fish in the pond near the Beijing park pounded buns thrown tourist, China.


Two baby giant panda, Po and De De, celebrated its first birthday in the Madrid Zoo.


Israeli boy is lying in a hammock near the border of the Palestinian Authority and Israel in Beit Horon.


Afghans fly kites daily Masuda - leader, who was killed by terrorists of Al Qaeda exactly ten years ago, Kabul, Afghanistan.


A man on a motorcycle overcomes the flooded streets of New Delhi, India.


Chinese watermelon seller calm myself smokes and is not nervous, due to the lack of buyers, Hefei, China.


Libyan prisoners in the former schools look to the sky in a flying plane over Mizratoy. Alas, the plane does not fly them. Prayer continues.


This prayer, and to whom, and to drink, by the way I want to :)


Hong Kong has already prepared all the possible options for celebrating the Lantern Mid-Autumn Festival. Now it was the turn of luminous figures.


Fishermen in the bay cargo port of Seattle to catch a predator, Washington, USA.


Spanish street performer stands in Jerusalem at the festival ┬źFesticlown Palestinia┬╗ in Israel.


30-year-old tailor Mohan works in his shop under the stairs. Indian and lives here with his wife and mother, Mumbai, India.


In Kathmandu, Nepalese celebrate the end of the monsoon season and the beginning of autumn.


In one of the supermarkets in San Diego there is no light. In fact, there is no light around the big city and a few other big cities in the west of the country. The reason is still unknown.


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, to put it mildly, anyway - he's a tank :)


Vladimir Vladimirovich visited a military exhibition in the Siberian city of Nizhny Tagil.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy seems to have asked the soldier why that eyebrows are not smooth :)


Cheerleader Lithuanian team basketball shows ... oh, she just does not show. If only her team defeated the French in the second round of the competition.


Apparently showed little because Lithuanians conceded 67:73. But the French thanked the girl's seen and fans for their support.


Goalkeeper Leverkusen "Bayer" Bernd Leno (in blue) only in the fifth minute of the match with the "Augsburg" could not parry. And then all beat regularly. In the Bundesliga match "Bayer" strong-willed victory won 4: 1.


Member freeride on the background of the Catholic Church in Nuremberg, Germany.


Brazilian Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa in motion during the second practice on the track at Monza. September 11 will be held here next Grand Prix World Championship.


In New Zealand Auckland today the opening ceremony of the World Cup rugby.


The national team of New Zealand's traditional dances hack before the opening match against the team of Tonga.


Player Team India Cricket Ravindra Dzhadedzha and doves, during a match between India and England in London, UK.


In the Netherlands, equestrian competitions were held among the military, which was attended by representatives of the National Guard of Denmark, the Netherlands and France, Wassenaar.


Argentine artist Nicolas Uriburu (in green) emits green dye in the river Weser in Bremen, on the occasion of the opening in the German city of the exhibition "Color in the river."



Statue of "The Legend of Damien Hirst" at the exhibition of sculptures in Chetsvorte, England.


Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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