On the run

When you insert a Raptor not poison mosquitoes and cannabis leaf - you'll soon begin to mosquitoes buzzing friendly and gently tickle you with their proboscis.

- Oleg pobeschal me to buy a new coat, if I guess, is why he calls mnya Ella. Gloom: (((((
 - Probably not, Ella, and & quot; Ellochka & quot;
 - How do you know? !!!

Pharmacist of the sixth city pharmacies with 20 years of experience, while on holiday in Iran, during a tour of 26 accidental deciphered cuneiform century BC. e.

& quot; Pushkin, you yourself something had chewed emerald thread ??? & quot; - Squirrel

Hello, rake! Yes, once again I ...

Russian football team after the game are on the field and show the audience the goals are not included in the match.

 - What's your growth? »
 - 145 ...
 - You're such a little princess. And you weigh how much?
 - Even less is ... 120.


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