Digital pictures of the future Hontsa Tomas (Tomas Honz)

The young artist does not paint brush to easel. In our time, this is not surprising. It is only natural that Tomas draws in digital format. His work is imbued with the spirit of futuristic pessimism in no way diminishing the beauty.

Honts Tomas (Tomas Honz) is known in the network under the pseudonym merl1n. He is a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. Here he lives. In addition to his studies, he works in the studio Jiri Lidnovski graphics, and collaborates with several publishing houses as an illustrator. Currently interested in sculpture, painting and much less frequently than before. The main idea in his works, the artist considers the ability to convey the most emotional part of the picture: "If I draw a forest after a rain, the viewer should feel the wood moisture and coolness. Think of the picture as a window into the world, looking at you immediately find yourself in a world created by the artist. "


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