Orange Battle of Istra

The small town of Istreya gathers willing to look beautiful event, and then take part in these battles, where the main weapon is his majesty orange. The fighting lasted for three days.

Event history goes back to the Middle Ages, when the feudal lords' gifts to "their" generosity of local farmers, tossing them handfuls of beans. Farmers in response threw the whole beans to the streets. In the mid-nineteenth century, as a sign of the overthrow of the feudal lords, the idea of ​​carnival, during which the girls threw flowers and candy liked young people. Then, suddenly, were added to the list of oranges. Young people as a sign of reciprocity threw oranges in girls. It was only in the second half of the last century there was a battle of orange in this form, as it is now. Participants represent one of the strongest teams and identify with the help of orange shootings. Each team has its own history and form. During the three days of fighting, participants will spend several hundred tons of oranges.

Photo: Reuters, Getty Images, Flickr


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