A person with 24 fingers (5 photos)

Hernandez Garrido of Baracoa, Guantanamo province, a wonderful man.
He has six perfectly formed fingers on each hand, and the same legs.
The man is proud of his fingers, they help him earn a living karapkayas the palm trees to collect coconuts.
He also poses for the camera lens, the eastern city very popular among tourists.

Hernandez says that one traveler had paid as much as $ 10 for a photo with him, which is considered a great success in a country where the average salary is only $ 20 a month.

With its 24 fingers Garrido has the opportunity to earn a living, even taking into account that it does not have a permanent job.

Disease Hernandez, known as polydactyly, is relatively common, but rarely it manifests itself in the form of so perfect.

If you take a quick look at his hands, you can not notice anything unusual, because the "extra" fingers in harmony with the others. Hernandez said that as a child he was taken to the famous Cuban orthopedist, who was one of Fidel Castro's doctors, who said that his whole life never seen a case so well-formed polydactyly.

Hernandez said: "When I was young, I quickly realized that it is very profitable - have 24 fingers. Nobody ever put me down for it, on the contrary, people admire me. I have a million friends, I live well.

Once, when I was in school, the teacher asked me how much is five plus five. Then I was very young, shy, and did not answer. The teacher told me to count how many fingers I have, and I said - 12! Teacher bit upset, but it was the truth ».

Hernandez have quite a successful personal life - he has a 10-year-old son from a woman who now lives in Havana, and his current girlfriend has been waiting for a second child.

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