The painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell (Norman Rockwell)

This American, unlike other peers never dreamed of being a pilot, a soldier or a fireman. Norman always wanted to be an artist, and his dream is still realized through hard work and diligence.

During his career, an illustrator, he has created more than three hundred covers of popular edition «The Saturday Evening Post», as well as the artist painted more than a portrait of world-famous personalities. Born Norman Rockwell (Norman Rockwell) in New York in 1894. Here he received his art education at the School of Art in New York, and then in the National Academy of Design. The first order to work, the guy was already 15 years old. It was 4 Christmas cards. Then he became a freelance illustrator for many youth magazines. And at age 21 he was already the owner of his own studio. In 1943 he created a series of works on the theme of freedom of American man, a demonstration that brought Norman $ 130 million. All media sponsors are listed on the military needs of the country. In the same year, completely burned his studio and with it the majority of the work. Even during his lifetime, in 1969, the artist conveyed his organization's work, which later and to create a museum in his name. In addition more than 500 works of the author, there are thousands of photos and letters Rockwell. He died at age 84 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where the museum is located.


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