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Literature on parenting — the sea, to be lost easily. What books or articles you would recommend in the first place?

Karen Pryor "don't growl at the dog," is a terrific book about the education of all consecutive method of training, fun and useful

Sh Felder, S. Liberman "400 ways to take a child from 2 to 8 years", games, themes for classes, tips for many life situations.

V. S. Krivtsov, "the Teacher and discipline problems" — helps to identify the causes of the conflict behavior of children, and most importantly, gives an understanding of how these causes to eliminate and prevent.

Y. B. Gippenreiter "to Communicate with the child. How?"

Y. B. Gippenreiter "we Continue to communicate with the child. So?"

R. and D. Bayard, "Your troubled Teens" — for those parents who test the strength of their troubled teenagers.

L. P. Strelkova "Emotional primer" for reading together with children 5-8 years of age, helps to learn and understand your emotional state and think about your attitude towards them.

Jean Liedloff "How to raise a child happy. The principle of continuity" — in the first place for parents, and for parents of toddlers. A good way of making your child.

D. gray "Children are from heaven" — lots of practical tips.


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Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or ABC money" — can be read to children of 10-13 years. For those who thinks, how to teach children to handle money.

Bodo Schaefer, Karola Ferstl "Money well affect a woman" — helps mothers to make financial decisions concerning themselves and children.

Leonid Zharov Svetlana Ermakova (here are excerpts from the books) "two alone" "to give Apple" and "How not to yell. Experience a relaxed education."

Ivanova Ekaterina. "Teachers and children: a view from inside and outside, or Pedagogical poem today."

S. L. Soloveichik, "Teaching with passion" — how to develop a love of learning, and, more broadly, to the business.

And L. B. Nikitin, "We, our children and grandchildren" — an example of thinking about their own experience in raising children.

And the greatest authorities from the education, Makarenko, "a Book for parents" and J. Korczak "How to love a child" — good for reflection and discussion.




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