Another 20 Records Guinness World Records

Yesterday we published the 20 most fresh and interesting records that were set during this and last year. They were installed more than enough, so we decided to continue the theme of another portion of the record.

The longest surfing was carried out at the Panama Gatun Lake March 19, 2011. Gary Saavedra caught waves for 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Tennis player Andrea Petkovic and her colleague Mardy Fish were complicit in the record for the most massive racket hitting the ball. Also couples took part in the record for even 656 people.

July 28 last year, Lingling Jin broke its own record for the number of hoops in the hands of one person. In total there were 105.

The world's largest raft consisted of 1925 canoes and kayaks in Inlet, NY.

2496 people simultaneously spinning hoop in Taipei, Taiwan, August 20, 2011.

Paddy Jones - the elderly salsa dancer - she was 77 years old at the time of fixing the record.

The legend of basketball club "Portland Trail Blazers' Terry Porter (center) sets on the local scene with the fans record for most people simultaneously standing on one leg.

April 15, 2011 during the London Marathon was established about a hundred records, most of whom were unusual: the fastest marathon running backwards, the fastest Elvis Presley and many other similar.

The steepest hill is located in Japan, it is called "Takabisha" and she has a plot in the 43 meters, where the angle of the free-fall 121 degrees.

The biggest number of people who had donned sunglasses at night - the fans, "Texas Rangers" during the match of their team against the team from Houston.

Thaneshvar Guragan set a record for the duration of rotation of the Guinness World Records - 30 minutes.

The largest underwater wedding took place in Poland. Eva and Pavel Yavorzhno 275 invited guests.

The world's largest drum set in the South Korean yeongdong county. Its diameter - 6 4 meters.

The biggest cross of people have created 24,000 students in Manila.

The largest number of dishes on one table - 8146 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, during the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Most older twin sister Maria (left) and Gabriel noted the 101st year of birth in Belgium.

The longest chain of aluminum cans consists of 66,343 cans, De Pere, Wisconsin, USA. The total length is more than five kilometers.

The world's largest shirt was 85, 74 meters long and 55 meters wide, 13, Nashville, USA.

The longest picnic table was installed in San Francisco. Its length is 305 meters.

The largest crocodile in captivity, lives in Australia. His name is Cassius, and weighs nearly a ton, its length is about 6 meters.


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