Freegans - new in search of food and food

Canada - one of the most comfortable countries in terms of social security and assistance to the poor. It would seem that someone will look for food in garbage cans except for people without permanent residence. But no, there appeared a new movement.

They call themselves freegans (freegan). This word is formed from two words: «free» (Fluent) and «vegan» (vegetarian). They are looking for food that has been thrown out from the shelves of grocery stores or shop windows. This approach is not aimed at saving money in the acquisition of food, although this fact does not exclude frigana too. In addition to garbage cans, these madmen also collect food at supermarkets and bakeries. In the past, often baked goods are recycled or thrown away. We offer you a short time to plunge into the world of freegans.

Photo by Reuters / Ben Nelms


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