Live feelings in black and white photography, Pentti Sammallahti (Pentti Sammallahti)

Finnish photographer, born in 1950, in the eleven years made his first shots, and ten years later began to actively take part in all sorts of photo exhibitions. His brother - the famous Finnish linguist.

Career Pentti Sammallahti (Pentti Sammallahti) developed only progressively upward. He is now considered one of the most famous photographers in Scandinavia. The Master of photography creates real masterpieces, in seemingly banal everyday conditions and environment. To understand the feelings and emotions of the author, do not need any further explanation. Will speak about all the pictures. Very often, the photos appear Pennti animals, whose role in the sense of the image can not be overstated. Let's just see.

Photo by Pentti Sammallahti


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